GRAMS Suite 9.3 Trial Version Restrictions  
The following is a list of restrictions that apply to the Trial Version of GRAMS Suite 9.3:

Restricted to Sample Data

Applications running with a Trial license can only open the Sample Data that was shipped with the GRAMS Suite. This data can be found in the Sample Data subfolder of the GRAMSSuiteData folder. There is a separate subfolder for each application to help organize the data. (NOTE: It is OK to use data from different folders with each application, the purpose of the subfolders is to help locate relevant data.)

No Technical Support

The GRAMS Suite product offers various technical support plans. However, technical support is not available for the trial version.

No Instrument Data Conversion

The instrument data converters are not available. Only the GRAMS Suite format (i.e. SPC data) may be used.

Start-up Warning

All applications that are running with a Trial license will display a warning message on startup indicating that the application is running in a Demonstration mode. This message is meant to serve as a reminder that some of the functionality of the application is disabled.


Individual applications may have additional Trial Version restrictions. Check the User Guides for more information.