GRAMS Suite 9.2 Logon Service visit: GRAMS Home Page

Note: If you are not using the eSignature application, it is not necessary to download and install the GRAMS Logon Service.

The GRAMS Logon Service is required to authenticate network users who are signing SPC or CGM files using the eSignature application. (Refer to the eSignature User Guide in the GRAMS Suite Help file for more information on file signing.)

The GRAMS Logon Service can be hosted on any network server that can support a Windows Service. The system's user list must contain all of the user names that will use that system for authentication (all of the users whose Configuration Manager profile Authentication Server points to that system). A system on the same domain is sufficient.

To install the service:

1) Download the Logon Service Installation Files.
2) Unzip the contents of the file into an easily remembered folder.
(For example: C:\Program Files\Thermo\GRAMS Logon Service)
3) To install the service, click on the InstallGLogSvc.bat file.

If you need to uninstall the service, click on the UnInstallGLogSvc.bat file in the same folder.


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