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The following tables contain summaries of the known issues for GRAMS Suite 9.0 Release. To see more information for an issue, click on the Details link.


Issue # Last Updated Summary  
28984 2010-07-28 The 'Equation Editor' and 'Legend Display' items on the Object menu of GRAMS AI are disabled. Details
28958 2010-07-22 The GRAMS AI Applications menu cannot be modified. Details
28957 2010-07-22 The GRAMS AI "Invalid SPC Data" error message does not provide additional details. Details
28898 2010-07-19 The File->Open Trace dialog in GRAMS/AI fails to open if too many files are selected. Details
28897 2010-07-19 Drag-and-drop of an SPC file with a period and space in the filepath fails to open in GRAMS/AI. Details
27820 2010-03-11 The tick marks on the GRAMS/AI axes may not display correctly. Details


Issue # Last Updated Summary  
29127 2010-08-23 The GRAMS IQ application may fail to save the TDFX file on exit. Details
28959 2010-07-22 The GRAMS IQ "Correlation" and "Determination" statistics plots are not being displayed. Details
28955 2010-07-22 Using "Remove All Samples" in the GRAMS IQ Training Set menu causes errors when trying to add new samples. Details
28949 2010-07-22 The GRAMS IQ window will not return to normal size if it has exited when minimized. Details
28933 2010-07-21 GRAMS IQ produces invalid Calibration file if the recommended number of factors is changed when adding a calibration. Details
28920 2010-07-21 GRAMS IQ cut-and-paste wizard copies the last row of the input to all selected rows in the Training Set table. Details
28928 2010-07-20 Using the 'Delete' key to remove a sample from the Training Set table can result in a corrupt TDFX file. Details
28926 2010-07-20 The X values of Sample Data in GRAMS IQ are inaccurate. Details
28924 2010-07-20 Changes made to GRAMS IQ Constituent values are not saved. Details
28923 2010-07-20 The Create Document function of GRAMS IQ can crash if samples are excluded from the training set. Details
28922 2010-07-19 The hierarchy of Experiments in GRAMS IQ can be broken if the nodes are more than three deep. Details
28921 2010-07-19 Removing a constituent from an Experiment in GRAMS IQ can affect values of other constituent columns. Details
28919 2010-07-19 GRAMS IQ can crash trying to save calibration file if the file is opened by another application. Details
28918 2010-07-19 Overlapping regions do not combine in GRAMS IQ if the X values are running "high-to-low". Details
27563 2010-07-19 GRAMS IQ may not display plots in "Create Document" output. Details
27561 2010-07-19 GRAMS IQ does not recognize 'Excluded Constituents' in a .tdf file. Details
27564 2010-02-15 GRAMS IQ Sample names in the 'Create Document' file are incorrect. Details
27560 2010-02-02 GRAMS IQ 'Create Plot' button is sometimes not enabled properly. Details
27562 2010-01-28 GRAMS IQ may crash when running experiment with additional data from CFL or Synthetic Data generator Details

Spectral ID

Issue # Last Updated Summary  
27967 2010-07-23 Spectral ID fails to open if converters are not installed. Details
27559 2010-02-04 The File->Close menu item in Spectral ID does not clear the display. Details

Active MultiFile Tool (AMT)

Issue # Last Updated Summary  
28966 2010-07-23 In some cases the Active Multifile Tool changes the X values slightly. Details
27565 2010-07-19 The "Linked Applications" menu in the Active Multifile Tool application is disabled. Details

Multiple Applications

Issue # Last Updated Summary  
28172 2010-04-20 Some of the GRAMS "add-on" applications fail to open if they have been closed while minimized. Details

GRAMS Configuration

Issue # Last Updated Summary  
28956 2010-07-22 The "Apply Flexnet License" menu item of GRAMS Config does not validate the input file. Details


Issue # Last Updated Summary  
9860 2010-02-17 The old MultiFile Utilities program has been replaced by the Active MultiFile Tool (AMT). The documentation references to MultiFile Utilities should be removed. Details

To Report an Issue:
Method 1: Use the Email Support button in the Help | About dialog found in each of the GRAMS Suite applications. (Preferred method)
Method 2: Send an Email to Support. Be sure to include your GRAMS license number, and the name of the application.

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